Virtual Tour Enhancement Add-Ons

MatterTAGS Full Experience: Turns cVe360 Tours into a powerful multimedia and communications hub. They’re anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you’re able to add descriptions and embed almost anything including photos, documents, videos, audio files and links to e-commerce, all within your 3D Space. 

MatterTAGS Text: Drive deeper, longer engagement and boost return visits. Turn your Spaces into a storytelling tool with helpful text descriptions, right where your visitors need it most. See the “Full Experience” option for multimedia engagements. NOTE: Engaged tags are shown all at one time for example only.

Scene Activated Text Panels: These text panels are scene activated to communicate, market or guide your audience throughout the tour. Call attention to features or TAGS and encourage users to explore within the space and locate items of interest.

Publish to Google: 360 View Panoroma Tour:
Publishing to Google Street View is an exciting new way for you to extend your marketing so you and your business can reach an even bigger audience.


  • When your customers look for your business on Google, they will also see the 360º imagery we captured to welcome them to your business.
  • Your customers can virtually visit your business before visiting in person. Visitors who have already toured your business online are more comfortable when they see it in person, and thus are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

Mini-Map Floor Plan Tour Panel: The mini-map 3D floor plan is a customizable and interactive 3D tour panel accessed within the virtual space. The tour panel is easily activated with side controls to view and move about your space from a top-down and big-picture perspective. Mini-Map Text Labels can be added to identify rooms and building sections. Click anywhere within the map and quickly immerse yourself into any section for exploring or learning. 

Attention Burst /Scene Activated:
Add this scene activated effect when entering a room or coming through the front entrance of any location or facility. A great way to call attention to a particular scene within the virtual tour. Only viewable on desktop computers.

Professionally Narrated Intro: Add a professional voice introduction to your tour to announce your message, website, or mission statement. A great personal touch to the start of your tour. We suggest keeping it around 75 words or so, with a 100 word maximum. (please ask about special orders)

2D Schematic Black/White Floor Plans: Schematic Floor Plans make for a great addition to property or facilites management. Schematic Floor Plans come package in PDF, SVG and PNG formats. Spaces larger than 25,000 square feet are not supported at this time. Floor Plans are calculated using Gross Internal Area (GIA) by default. GIA measures to the Internal face of walls. Schematic Floor Plans are complete with measurements and room labels. Eliminate the need for multiple site visits or the need to hire an additional firm for property measurements.

Measurements provided on floor plans (linear measurements between opposing walls) are generally accurate to within 0 to 2% of reality, but we cannot guarantee this tolerance for all measurements and all scanned environments. 

Engaging 360º Pano Views: 360° Views gives you the chance to show off any property’s exterior and surrounding areas through a This makes cVe360 a one-stop shop for both interior and exterior visuals, giving end-users the most complete property experience currently available. 360º Photospheres provide end users with a unique perspective. Turns spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or any global audience.

Because the image is being transformed from a spherical, three dimensional snap shot to a 2D image, you will notice some warping in the image, as shown below. This is normal and as expected – you can always view the full 360° in the Matterport Showcase app.  

4K HDR Photos: We can extract 300dpi High Dynamic Range images (22″ x 12″) from any point within the model for additional uses or needs.

Our camera is a next-generation device that captures color and depth. We leverage cutting-edge technology and powerful cloud processing to make immersive digital experiences out of real-world environments that deeply enhances the visualization of a building, room or its contents. 

3D Floor Plan w/Measurements: 

  • Take simple measurements (dimensions) in metric or imperial units.
  • Measure remotely — no need for a return site visit just to measure.
  • Measure dimensions of objects, rooms, or even the entire job site.
  • Measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality. 

HD Reflected Ceiling Plan Image Your: For architecture, engineering, and construction customers. High-resolution floor plans provide a quick vertical view of everything on the ceiling. See ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation, and more.

 Download sample high-resolution images here.

HD Reflected Floor Plan Image: For architecture, engineering, and construction customers. Get a quick top-down view of the job site and everything inside it. Use in AutoCAD as a tracing element or open in Maya, 3ds Max, or other 3D software. The floor plan is a unique, orthogonal view of the 3D mesh. Download sample high-resolution images here.


Creative Virtual Experiences 360!

Our powerful technology captures your space to create an engaging  3D immersive walk-through. Your audience will be inspired to interact with targeted content to entertain, educate and promote. With 50 years of combined experience in Sales & Marketing, cVe360 brings a unique and innovative approach to Immersive Marketing in the Lancaster County area.